Membership fees

Full band members pay a monthly fee of up to £10.  This money pays for rent of rehearsal space and drum storage and is an important aspect of band finances.  The rate is decided at our annual AGM. 


However SheBoom do not wish money to be a barrier for any band member.  If you cannot afford to pay £10 a month you have the option to pay a concessionary rate of £5 or a zero rate of £0.  The decision of how much to pay is up to you and you do not have to discuss this with the Finance group or anyone else.   


You can pay your monthly fee by standing order if you wish. You can set it up online using SheBoom bank details or download a standing order mandate and hand it over to your bank.

Please note that it is your responsibility to change or cancel your standing order should you leave the band or decide to reduce what you pay.


Alternatively there should be someone taking money every Friday night. She may be a different person every night.

SheBoom bank details:

Sort code: 80-07-24

Account number: 00820683