SheBoom Music

Chocolate Timbalada by Erin Scrutton

Who can resist so much chocolate? Not Tom Thumb – the piper’s son… Favourite with all who play and listen. Written for women.

Composed by Val Graham. Arranged by SheBoom

Planet Drum by Val Graham


Another VG classic, rocking happily yet strangely fierce and angry – performed most often at anti-war and peace rallies. If only women who drum rule the world …

Erin’s Afro by Erin Scrutton

Groove to this and you are guaranteed an instant boost to your energies. Plenty here for your body to enjoy.

Strawberry Afro by Helen Smith

Think of all your favourite foods and this tune hits that hungry spot full-on.

Microwave by Erin Scrutton

An old favourite from 1994. Beautiful chaos that brings truck-loads of smiles. Impossible to ignore. Played to a city of thousands at the annual Correfoc, Barcelona.

Superstickin by Luci

Groovy sixties all over again. Toe tapping, hip swinging sort of tune.

Guid Wimmin 
Composed and arranged by Val Graham

Pure dead brilliant. Rejoicing in their vibrant resonance, surdos provide the thrilling heartbeat to this piece where the prevailing essence is one of pleasure, passion and power. Written in rave style, Guid Wimmin is a tribute to Scottish women of the nineties – bold, beautiful and bursting with attitude.

You’ll just want to get up and dance!!

Mad Dog Samba  
Composed by Erin Clare Scrutton. Arranged by SheBoom

A riot of samba rhythms, this piece is a variation on a theme. Having initiated the women’s drumming movement in Scotland and beyond, SheBoom enjoys ongoing connections with other women’s bands, each with their own version of Mad Dog.

Edinburgh #1
by Erin Scrutton

SheBoom learned this samba style piece to enable the band to play jointly witth Edinburgh women drummers Commotion, at Pride Scotland 1998. In return, SheBoom taught them our piece Guid Wimmin.

 Loud and Proud
Traditional. Arranged by SheBoom

Hypnotic rhythms inspired by Koma (meaning fetish). For a full day in January, an African women’s secret society congregate to drum, sing and dance naked in their devotion to the Goddess Koma – She who oversees women’s affairs. The women’s faces are covered with masks to resemble themselves. Whilst men celebrate by carving these masks for the women, they are not allowed to witness the ancient ritual.

Traditional. Arranged by Erin Clare Scrutton and SheBoom

Inspiration for this Afro-Samba piece comes from the Brazilian band Olodum. Its provocative introduction in the form of a call and response between the repenique and the other drums is complimented by the seductively sensual samba groove which dares you to dance to its passionately pulsating beat.

Afro Punk
Composed and arranged by Val Graham

Not for the faint-hearted, this dangerously subversive piece moves swiftly from sedate civility into a body-slamming head-banging ear-zapping heart-bursting frenzy of electrifying attitude. Accenting their wild impatience with the convention of maintaining a regular tempo, the snares and repeniques lead the other drums in a furious race towards the stars, symbolising the outright rejection of traditional definitions that confine rather than release women’s energies. Be warned, there is no return.

Still Live!  
Composed and arranged by Chris Morrow

This invigorating piece celebrates the rejuvenating and healing power of music. Written in the style of a batucada, its galvanising but gentle rhythms arouse and stimulate, restoring both performer and audience to fresh appreciation of life and all that it brings to us. Soon after learning this piece, an energised SheBoom represented the City of Glasgow at the 1997 European Cultural Celebrations.

Still Live! Was performed in five Bavarian venues to thousands of people from all over Europe.

Gingersnap by Helen Smith

As the name suggests, this is an upbeat and chirpy number which welcomes solos from the surdos, snares, tambourims and bells at different stages throughout the piece.

Hangin’ Aboot by Helen Smith

Appropriately named for a band who spends much of their time waiting for things to happen. The idea suggested itself during SheBoom’s trip to Slovenia in 1998, where we were constantly hangin’ aboot for stragglers.

Lager Through A Straw by Helen Smith

One night in a pub … ‘Lager’ came about after an offhand remark led to the exclamation, ‘That sounds like a song title!’ This piece has a bit of swing to it and once again allows the snare and surdo players to show off a bit.